I was asked to cast and shoot a family – within the M25 – for an Insurance company. To cover as many scenarios of family life as I could in a working day.

The family were cast from family friends and briefed. I wanted as loose a schedule as possible and the chronology of the day to be as faithful as possible.

The three children were perfect, the “dad” went to work and the “mum” stayed at home with the youngest.

The weather was good- late summer- so we could cover some “play time” in Richmond Park.

We ended with “dad” coming home around 6pm.

At the end of a long day I was happy to leave them to it, with admiration for “mum” who seemed to work from dawn to dusk.

These montages are a brief edit from thousands of portraits and still-life images shot in one day.

Crew were discreet and unobtrusive, equipment light and portable.