Meet Nick Daly.

Nick works with people from all cultures, environments and continents. He is able to engage ,organise and choreograph people with humour and confidence . Good communication skills ,basic language abilities and mime , confidence and good humour are his key qualities.

Nick Daly is a London based photographer working in the advertising lifestyles and portraiture arena.

His work and personal projects are focused on people and landscapes, or portraits in carefully managed interiors.

Working with either Agency sourced models or street-cast “ordinary people”, he manages to make each series as natural as they are choreographed and scripted.

Natural daylight, or the sun somewhere just out of frame, puts a saturated colour into each highlight. Supplementary lighting balances the scene imperceptibly.

Nick works with a regular crew, familiar with each admin and tech process.
Expertly managing the shoot and pre/post production.

Nothing is left to chance and the correct file structure of each digital capture is carefully edited and assessed for optimum quality and visual impact.